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In a very exciting month for Apple fans and gamers, we covered Apple's WWDC event and sent some of our people to the E3 video game event, a first for us and at a time when mobile gaming is truly taking the next step.

Apple's WWDC was a treasure trove of exciting new announcements for most iOS and Mac OS X users, new operating systems are coming for almost all iPhone and iPad users, including some great multi-tasking features on the iPad.

E3 was a great event this year, and mobile was king. As video game makers realize that people want to game on their tablets as much as on the console, and tablets are more and more capable of running higher-end games, a few big names are headed to a tablet near you. For starters, Bethesda launched a little tower builder game called Fallout Shelter.

Google wants in on the fun as well, announcing that they will be launching a new video game streaming service, like Twitch, later this year. Watch for YouTube Gaming, and then get ready to watch your favorite games in action.

Microsoft was not to be left out of the news this month, officially announcing that Windows 10 will begin rolling out to users on July 29th, for free. You may have seen the prompt on your eligible Windows device, if not, be sure to check out the Preview.

Acer and ASUS announced new tablets this month. Not only that, but ASUS is taking a new approach to physical tablet configurations, putting things like speakers into tablet cases and covers.

Last, Apple is rolling out Apple Music, a new streaming service for all of your music needs, so far, we're not entirely convinced it does anything different than Spotify or Google Play Music, but we do like having options.

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