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This week on the TabTimes Weekly newsletter, a handful of new tablets were announced and reviewed, the Apple vs Android tablets comparisons keep coming, Verizon thinks mobile malware isn't a thing and Windows 10 keeps moving ever closer to an actual release.

Microsoft's Surface 3 tablet is a great addition to their line of devices, we've got a review that breaks it down, explaining why this device is one to watch out for. For owners of smaller tablets, 7-inch and under, to be specific, we've got a glimpse into what Windows 10 will look like on your device. Not much has changed since early renders from last fall, but it is great to see things coming along.

Lenovo has been showing off reference tablets equipped with Cherry Trail hardware. The line of devices are to help show manufacturers both what is in store and how to bring the best of the SoC to the people. That's you.

Onida stepped up their tablet game, adding 4G LTE to a previous 3G tablet. Toshiba has a great little business tablet on their hands in the Encore 2 Write.

We've got some tips and tricks on selling your old tablets and how to reverse tether your tablet to your laptop, or is that 'from' your laptop?

We put the Nexus 7 (2013) beside the iPad Mini 3 to see which fits better in your pocket. Then we put that iPad Mini 3 beside the Nexus 9, to see which is the better tablet. Check it out below and have yourself a great week.



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