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This past week was fairly interesting for the tablet industry. There was not much for new tablet reviews or announcements, all of the manufacturers are waiting for Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March for that. We did get to see a few new accessories that could keep you healthy and working effectively.

There are deals to be had as well, like getting as much as $750 off your next Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet purchase. Trade-in and more required, but hey, that could be a great deal, if you qualify.

A few more software updates rolled out, one is pretty slick, the other not so much. Hope you were not negatively affected.

Thanks for checking in with the TabTimes Weekly newsletter for February 22, 2015. Enjoy the rest of your month, we'll see you in March with a bunch of new device rumors and some expectations for MWC!



Trade In Old Surface Tablet, Get Money for New One

Looking to save some cash on a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is offering up as much as $650 trade-in for your old Surface, if you buy new.

The deal runs a short way into March, but if you act before February 28, you may score an extra $100 discount.

New Smartphone and Tablet Cases Feature Antimicrobial Seal That Kills up to 99.99% of Germs!

For many of us, the need for cleanliness goes beyond personal preference - we can't help but think of professionals such as doctors, that use a tablet as a part of their daily routine, as they must take measure to prevent the spread of disease and worse from patient to patient.

Perhaps, these new anti-microbial tablet cases are not quite enough for a doctor, but they do promise some peace of mind for the rest of us.

Long-awaited Blackphone tablet may emerge at MWC

Whether you are a super spy, a government employee with security clearance, a business that is extremely careful about security, or just a user that can't handle the idea of any third party viewing your emails, the super secure Blackphone may already your smartphone of choice.

Now, if you are looking to expand your mobile device portfolio, we are hearing there is a chance we'll see a BlackTablet at MWC in March.

Microsoft confirms biometric authentication for Windows 10: Is the end of the password nigh?

It is not entirely uncommon to find a fingerprint scanner built into laptops and other Windows powered devices, but that was largely a product of the device manufacturer.

It appears Microsoft will take the lead from here on, allowing you to use biometrics to log into your new Windows 10 powered computer.

Software updates

Updated Nvidia SHIELD Tablets Are Facing Color Reproduction Issues

Uh-oh! The latest update for NVIDIA's SHIELD tablet apparently has a few hiccups, including color reproduction issues.

Have you updated your NVIDIA tablet to software version 2.2? I hope all is going well for you.

ASUS FonePad 7 Gets Android 5.0 Version With LTE, Gets Listed Officially

ASUS does not want to be left behind when it comes to issuing updates to their Android powered device, we are now seeing Android 5.0 Lollipop roll out to the ASUS FonePad 7.

Android 5.x Lollipop is proving to be a popular operating system, bringing Material Design, Google's latest visual makeover for the OS, and more.


Beam is an Android-powered projector that fits into a light socket

If you travel for work, and have to give presentations on the road, the search for the perfect presentation tools has been an interesting one these past years. Adding to the now dozens of ways to show off your sales charts is the clever new Beam projector.

Beam screws into a typical light socket, meaning you'll need just a simple lamp cord for power, and it runs its own install of Android. With the 8GB of on-board storage, you can run your presentation from there, using your smartphone as a remote control.


7 great uses for an old phone or tablet

It is a great feeling to open that box, unravel the plastic cover and power on your new tablet for the first time. But what are you going to do with your old tablet? The folks over at USA Today have a handful of great suggestions for great uses for an old phone or tablet.

It might be good to also point out, it is possible to purchase inexpensive new devices for these purposes as well.


Inbox by Gmail now works on Android tablets, iPad, Firefox and Safari

When it comes to utilizing your tablet for work purposes, or just taking control of your personal email, Inbox by Gmail is a powerful tool, and it just got an update that makes it a real contender on your tablet.

Inbox is Google's latest take on email, offering a much fancier interface for your Gmail experience.

Fun & Interesting

The Amazing iPad Magician

There is a good chance you have already seen this video, but if not, and you like a little sleight of hand magic mixed with clever mobile programming, you are sure to enjoy this iPad magician that visited the Ellen show earlier this week.

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