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Alaska Airlines Will Offer Windows 8.1 Tablets to Passengers During Long Flights | Tablet News

Alaska Airlines knows what you want on your next long flight. No, not a VR headset, you want a Windows powered tablet to help pass the time. Pre-loaded with media, this could be a great alternative to the in-flight infotainment system.

Tablet announcements

64GB Jolla Tablet Lands On Indiegogo | Ubergizmo

Jolla has a new Kickstarter campaign up and rolling for a 64GB 8-inch tablet powered by Sailfish OS. Check it out and get in on the campaign if you wish to see this device become reality.

Fun & Interesting

The Tablets That Paved the Way for the iPad | WIRED

Apple's iPad may have been a pioneer for what we know as tablet computers today, but they were far from the first to deliver this form factor of mobile device. Take a quick stroll down the history books for a quick view of some of the tablets that paved the way for Apple and the iPad.


Two in five CEOs say they miss big deadlines due to lack of mobile solutions, report finds - Enterprise Apps Tech News

Have you ever missed a deadline for lack of adequate and secure mobile technology? You are not alone, with an alarming number of CEO's reporting they've go the same problem.

The future of BYOD: Containerisation of communication - Enterprise Apps Tech News

Are you thinking of letting your employees bring their own devices to the workplace? Here are a few of the challenges you may face, and how you might overcome them.

Health Sentinel: A heads up about smartphone, tablet use -

Be sure to look after your health, and the health of your employees. Tablets and other mobile technology are great for productivity, but what impact are they having on your health?


12 questions you should be asking when buying a tablet

Tablets are available in a wide range of size, form factor and software configurations, making it difficult to decide which one is right for you. These twelve questions you should ask are a great way to get started on your shopping experience. And remember, there is no 'one size fits all' for tablets, be honest with yourself and your needs to get the right tablet for you.


Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android lands in the Google Play Store - TabTimes

Microsoft has added Outlook to their list of Office apps found in the Google Play Store. Outlook Preview for Android is free and a worthy mobile client for those used to Microsoft's approach to email.

Office everywhere: More great news for Office on iOS and Android - The Official Microsoft Blog

Rounding out a big week for Microsoft, they have now removed the word 'preview' from their Office apps for Android. That's right, Microsoft believes that Microsoft Office for Android is ready for prime time, but is it good enough for your business?

12 best Android email apps - Android Authority

Are you looking for a new email app for your tablet? Check out this list of some of the best email apps for Android, including Gmail, the stock Android Email app and more.

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