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Welcome to issue #12 of the TabTimes Weekly newsletter. We've got fighter jets and bricks for you this week.

New tablets announced and reviewed from ASUS, Dell, Nokia, and Xiaomi. Some users are having issues with their Nexus 7 tablets. It appears that Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is being blamed for bricking the tablet, at least for a few unfortunate users.

Apple pushed out an update to their OS this week, check for updates on your iPad to get your hands on new emoji and more in iOS 8.3.

Google has slashed the price of the developer only Project Tango 3D environment tablet. They also have an event coming soon based around Chrome, Chrome OS, Chromebooks and the new Chromebit pc on a stick.

Microsoft put out an official Android app to control Office and there is a new military tablet being used to call in air strikes. So much easier than paper maps.

Enjoy your week.



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