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Welcome to TabTimes Weekly issue # 15.

In a big week for Microsoft, they announced a handful of new and exciting features centered around their upcoming Windows 10 release. The ability to run Android and iOS apps on your Windows 10 device is an exciting start. Using your phone or tablet as a full PC when docked to a larger screen and input devices is also very cool, found in the new tool called Continuum.

Google made news in a less enthusiastic way, officially removing the Nexus 7 from the Google Store. I mean, you can still see it up there, but you can no longer purchase it. On the flip side, the Nexus 7, both the 2012 and 2013 versions, as well as the Nexus 10, began receiving an update to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop this week. If you haven't seen the OTA, factory images are ready to roll.

Sprint is looking to save you money on data for your tablets. Best Buy has a trade-in deal toward the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

We took a look at accessories for your iPad Air 2, while American Airlines sat on the tarmac waiting for their iPads to reboot and update.



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